TrackMania Unlimiter

TrackMania Unlimiter 1.2

Allows to break the limitations of the official TrackMania releases
1.2 (See all)

TMUnlimiter is a versatile tool that allows to break the limitations of the official TrackMania releases, allowing to create and drive tracks with features you have never even dreamed of. You can now put blocks in every location, including putting several blocks in one (blockmixing), expand the building space to 2048 blocks in every direction, change parameters of the car or use the parts of terraforming freely. In the newest update you're also able to rotate blocks, move them by a smaller gap than previously possible and even add custom ones! Everything is bundled with an easy-to-use configuration tool, from which you can make changes without restarting the game. Those features come together to create a package that beats the ManiaPlanet engine in simplicity and usability, yet is different enough so it doesn’t feel like an attempt to redo TM2.

Although TMUnlimiter is a huge modification to the vanilla game, it's built around the same values of gameplay the original had. This means that no matter what you'll create, everyone will have the same chance to win - no one is able to cheat. Every player who uses Unlimiter will see and play the same thing, no matter who or when.

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